Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MTU Utility

mturoute is a small command line application that uses ICMP pings of various sizes in order to determine the MTU values on the path between itself and the target system. It also includes a "traceroute" like mode where it will attempt to determine the lowest MTU between the local host and each hop in the communication. The utility generates maybe 100 times as much traffic as a normal ping does, so you should exercise restraint when running it on networks you do not administer. During development and testing my ICMP capability was disabled completely several times, although a power cycle on the cable modem restored normal operation.
You can use it for troubleshooting MTU problems.

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Anonymous said...

can we get the lowest mtu in the path.

Shivlu Jain said...

Yes with this you will get the lowest mtu among the path. It is really nice tool to trouble shoot such type of problems.