Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FWSM Design & Integration With 6500/7600

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A big question of FWSM physical integration comes in mind how it is working without the existance of any physical port. Given figure which cleary reveals how blade is integrated with 7600/6500 chassis with 6 Gigabit Ether Channel. Blade consists of network proceeor 1A & Network processor 1B which are further connected to Network processor 2 and bus. NP1A & NP1B can handle upto 3 million packets per second. FWSM Code processor is a software based component which is responsible for layer 7 protocol inspection, neighbors adjacencies and maintains routing information. Traffic processed by NP1A & NP1B is known as fast path. Traffic processed by NP2 is considered the session management path and traffic processes by FWSM code processor is known as slow path.

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