Saturday, November 15, 2008

How CPE Area 0 & PE Superbackbone Communicates

All of you are might be aware of super backbone concept in mpls. No issue if you don't know I will let you in couple of words. As per super backbone concept service provider network will work as area 0 for customer links. It means for every vpn which is using OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol no need to configure area 0. Without introducing area 0 all links of the vpn can communicate with each other. This is all about super backbone concept. But what happens if customer will use area 0 in his network. So simply ask customer to extend area 0 till your PE but as per my experience none of the customer will do that. Consequently an immense problem can occur if customer will not extend the area 0 till PE.
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shivlu jain

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