Friday, December 12, 2008

When to use SPT threshold infinity

When to use spt threshold in network. As per my prevous post in which I explained explicitly that by default cisco use spt threshold as 0. It means always a SPT path is selected and S,G entry will be created. But lets say if you are running sghort of memory or having lot of multicast customers which use multicast for share trading. In thoses we donot need to create S,G entry. Indeed we can go with one *,G entry instead of multiple S,G entries. Now the question comes in mind is it a dense mode fallback becasue S,G is never created in dense mode. No its not a dense mode, its a pure sparse mode and you can set the ip pim spt threshold infinity command. By giving the command router will always create *,G entry no S,G entry will be created. So you problem of memory now elimates. But if you are using data mdt then you mvpn will never fall back on data mdt because data mdt requires S,G entry. So while giving the command make your mind first because data mdt will not work.

shivlu jain

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