Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cisco was not using Mdt-Safi as per standard

One must need to understand the concept behind the mdt-safi. In cisco router to distinguish the mvpn routes it append type 2 rd value which is not legal as per RFC 4364 section 4.2. It explicitly shows that type 2 rd value is used by service provider to encapsulate as number. But cisco routers are using type 2 for multicast vpn routes. Now the problem which I have seen during the integration of cisco & another vendor in which if cisco router sends the mvpn route with type 2 then other router is not able to understand the route and may behave abnormally. So during the integration of cisco with another vendor where mvpn is required try to check the mdt-safi or use the cisco ios 12.2 sb series which are not using the type 2 values for mvpn routes.

You can see the various rd values given below:-
0x0000 |As Number| Local
0x0001 | Ip Address | Local
0x0002 | As Number | Local

shivlu jain

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