Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Implementation of SSM

Yesterday I have tested SSM in service provider cloud. In my previous post I have already described the pros and cons of SSM. Opening gambit, how to implement SSM in SP cloud. The configuration nothing only you should know the concept behind the configuration. I have tested the scenario with the help of VLC player; really a useful tool to generate multicast stream. One thing keep in mind if your ldp breaks in the SP cloud MVPN will not going to break because MVPN doesnot work on LDP.
A to select multicast group) series is used for the default and data mdt(Basics of MVPN). In the first phase I implemented the solution with default mdt and checked the stream. It was flowing across all the neighbors. There after I used the data mdt see its convergence. With the help of show ip mroute vrf mdt send on sender side and how ip mroute vrf mdt receive on receiver side. After this command you can see the ref_count value which atually tells you about the usuage of your mdt groups.
Commands used for SSM

1. All interfaces should be PIM enabled.
ip pim sparse-mode
2. Loopback which is used for MP-iBGP should be pim enabled.
Never use two loopbacks for MP-BGP.
3. Create acl which defines the mdt groups
ip access-list standard 1
4. Bind the acl with SSM
ip pim ssm range 1
Note:- Donot use ip pim ssm default because it will use group in this case the stream will stop forwarding.
5. SPT Threshold is not going to work with SSM

Data MDT will be the keen player of SSM. Because no more *,G entries only you will find S,G.

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