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Layer 2 circuits are becoming order of the day. Every service provider desires layer 2 circuits from the other service provider to provision its customers. It can be configured by two methods
a) Point to Point
b) Point To Multipoint
Currently ISR , 6500 and 7200 series supports point to point and 7600 supports point to multipoint. Point to multipoint is also known to VPLS (Virtual Private Lan Services). In this post I will explain about point to point circuit and its provisioning. Services offer on two type of cloud
a) IP Cloud
b) MPLS Cloud
If service provider is using IP cloud, L2 services offer by encapsulation l2tpv3 and if cloud is MPLS enabled then encapsulation mpls can be used. So the difference is lucid. In the given scenario customer is having l2 domain and want to use the l2 services across the service provider cloud. A simple l2 session will be created between Delhi PE and HYD PE over ip cloud on the basics of loopbacks. The provisioning is trouble-free and easy to configure.
Steps for Configuring Layer 2 Services across Service Provider IP Backbone
a) Configure basic IGP.
b) Create PSEUDOWIRE name SHIVLU & use the encapsulation L2TPv3 as source loopback of the router.
c) On Physical interface where the client is coming create a xconnect as destination address of loopback HYD PE & vice versa.
Commands For Creating L2 VPN
Pseudowire SHIVLU
Ip local interface loopback 0
Encapsulation l2tpv3

Interface Specific Command
Interface x/y
Xconnect 400 pw-class SHIVLU
Note:- 400 is the Virtual Circuit ID and it should be the same on the remote end also.

Verify L2 Circuit
After “Show l2 session circuit vcid 400” you can see the est state of l2 session. Now ping end to end laptop.


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can you please give us the different implementation case of L2VPN Over Internet.

What I really need to make an Ethernet L2VPN over IP (Internet works) ? dedicated software ? hardware ? or maybe I have to subscribe to any FAI service ?

Thanks in advance.