Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ping Drops

Most of the people who work in service provider network are accustomed with the ping drops. Sporadically ping drops is the pain area of service provider network. Drops come like clouds and spread like water in the whole cloud. Awful feeling comes in mind and the first thing which I think how to get rid from this smeared problem. I think there must be a system or NMS which can tell when the router would prompt for the drops. This is my thought process I donot know whether a such of system is available in market or not. But I am trying to design such type of system in which artificial intelligence can sense the level of the router and prompt before the drops comes. This will not relief the problem but may provide some type of hints so that the precation can be taken before the problem occurs. Even I donot know how to proceed simply presenting my feelings and would like to request all if you are having any thought process for the same kindly share. May be a day will come when this will become true like today we have the cars who can sense the road and consequence lot of accidents savage.

shivlu jain

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Anonymous said...


By monitoring CPU/MEM/IP INPUT/Specific process/thread usage?

Best regards

Adi said...

Hi Shivlu,

Here is a tool called Visual Uptime from Visual networks can predict the traffic flow of a router by which you can initiate before problem occurs from the provider.

Shivlu Jain said...


Thanks for your inputs.