Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Use Of Aggregate Labels

Aggregate labels are used at that time when all type of labels are removed from the packet and it will forward from the global routing table. Now question comes when it can be used? Can we generate aggregate label? Answer is yes. When we use the route laking during that time the packet has outgoing label aggregate instead of no label which means need to do the routing lookup.

Most of time you see it during the route leaking.

shivlu jain

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Anonymous said...

I hv seen that CE lan prefixes are showing Untagged on PE. At that time label is also expose and normal IP routing lookup occur so need more clarification on aggregate why it shows different label tag(untagged/aggregate) on PE as both are doing IP Routing Lookup...!!!

Shivlu Jain said...

CE lan prefixes are always untagged with outgoing interface as next hop. But in case of directly connected a ip route lookup will be done.

shivlu jain