Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Optimized Edge Routing

Last week I got an opportunity to visit one of our client's location. Client was having two links from different service providers and looking for a solution which can use the both links and if one of the link fails the whole traffic come over to another link. As per the requirement, I proposed the solution with BGP. With BGP client can set the preference to the routes and decide the outgoing path but the reverse will be taken as per IGP. Customer was happy enough with this solution but actually I was not. Finally I got a more solution which is Optimized Edge Routing (OER), definately I am not going to propose this to customer but would like to share. It is a good solution when customer is using multihoming and would like to load share the links.

Intraditional routing the best path is selected on the basics of lowest cost and that route installs in the routing table but with the help of OER we can create the traffic classes which are defined as subset of traffic on the network. The performance of each trafic class is measured as per the OER policy. OER monitors the traffic class performance and selects the best extrance or exit. If the traffic class performance does not conform to the policy, OER selects another entrance or exit.

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