Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aruba Launced Wireless Products

I got a chance to attend two day a wireless training on aruba products. Before training, my perception of cisco products was very strong but after training I came to know aruba is the one who is best competitor of cisco products mainly in wireless security. Aruba has launced a concept of thin ap client and the main focus is to save the capex as well as opex cost of the SMB industry. I was astonished to see the RAP-2WG which weighs less a mobile phone and is available at unbelievable price of $99. Any SMB who is having a branch which is less than 5 users could deply the product with zero IT expenditure. The provisioing of product is just a click and aruba named it zero-through provisioning.

List of new products launched
a) RAP-2WG (Remote Access Point)
b) RAP-5WN
c) RAP-5

The whole solution is called Virtual Branch Networking which replaces the legacy Virtual Private Network concept. Older controllers 200,800,2400,SC-1 & SC-2 doesn't support certificates but these new range of products support.

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