Monday, June 29, 2009

Could IPSec Stop Viruses

Whenever I go to any customer call for MPLSVPN solution, the first question raises by customer is that how secure the MPLSVPN network is? I am weak in security and know little which is required for selling. The security doesn't mean that you are 100% secure and safe. In my last meet with the customer, he raised a option to go with ipsec vpn. I asked him why you are looking for IPSec vpn because already you are having a good security setup. The customer answered, "I want ot make my network secure from the virsues". He told me that you seem to be buzzing with lot of solutions. IS this IPSec work for me or not?
The answer given to me was so pitty and really I don't have any words to comment. I tried my level best to make him understand that IPSec couldn't save your network from the virsues,worms,spywares and not from the intruders. The main advantage of using IPSec is that if some one intrude the data by any means he couldn't reveal the information from it.
So the next time if you go for any custimer meet try to prepare youself how IPSec can help from Viruses.

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