Monday, August 10, 2009

MPLS TE Per VRF Basics

Service Providers are looking to divert some vpns traffic on redundant part so as so utilize the links and provide priority to delay sensitive traffic. MPLS TE is the best tool to use this.
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Marko Milivojević said...

What if there was more than one VPN on R01 and R1, but you wanted only one to use this tunnel?

Admitedly, I only glanced over the configurations, but I think your solution would reroute all VPN traffic over R2 and that may congest that particular path, leaving direct R0-R1 unused.

Shivlu Jain said...

Hi marco

I have created two vrfs one is TEST and another is TEST1. VRF TEST will follow the one path which is the backup path and Rest VRFs will use the path selected by OSPF.

shivlu jain

Anonymous said...

HI Shivlu,

is per VRF TE supported on IOS-XR?
I can not find any documents about it.