Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hierarchical FIB - BGP PIC

During down convergence of link; loss of packets leads to the service distruptions in the network and service level aggrements are highly affected. In normal conditions, if BGP is being used as edge protocol, next hop information is passed on per prefix basics. Consequence sender has to update the database in terms of best path calculation, RIB/FIB updates and peer updates. The whole process consumes few of the seconds due to which the services are affected. But the use of hierarchical FIB with BGP PIC (Prefix Independent Convergence) edge and PIC core saves all the convergence time and with no services affecting. Hierarchical FIB allows much lower CPU consumption, routing convergence and higher robustness.

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Nicolas said...

This sounds pretty interesting. Found a presentation on NANOG to get into its details.

By the way, good blog. Got you on my blog list ;)

shivlu jain said...

Thanks for adding me in your list.

Nicolas said...

You're welcome, and thank you very much for the great advice. The tool you suggested me works like a champ.