Sunday, November 29, 2009

Opaque LSA Brought Router Down

Weird issue of OSPF has been seen with Cisco and another vendor integration. Cisco router one of the interface is sending the opaque lsa with odd bytes to the another router which forces the another vendor router to reboot.

According to RFC 2370
Opaque LSAs are Type 9, 10 and 11 link-state advertisements. These advertisements may be used directly by OSPF or indirectly by some application wishing to distribute information throughout the OSPF domain. The function of the Opaque LSA option is to provide for future extensibility of OSPF.
Opaque LSAs contain some number of octets (of application-specific
data) padded to 32-bit alignment.

But the question is that its a simple config but why Cisco is forwarding opaque LSA.

For temporary workaround we use "ip ospf database-filter all out" on specific interface which was forwarding opaque LSA.

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