Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Per VRF Traffic Forwarding

The congestion is becoming one of the stunning problem in network. In this document, I have tested a scenarion which could be implemented by the MPLSVPN service providers to deliver SLA to their esteemed clients in case the network is congested. In my previous document of MPLS TE Per VPN/VRF Basics, I have used the MPLS TE to deliver the solution but In this example a simple vrf customer is forced to towards the another link which is not primary. The main drawback of the solution is that if the VPN customer is having more than 2 sites in that case it becomes difficult to implement it.
According to the topology shown, the IGP path from PE2 to PE1 is directly connected interface. But for diverting the only vrf traffic via P router, we need to use bgp next-hop feature under IP VRF TEST.
Click here to download the full solution document.

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Nitin said...

Hello bhai ,

In large network, Static route could be difficult for us. We can use Traffic engg. tunnel to choose the respective path(other than IGP selectve path).

Good solution for provider..

rahul said...

well,i likethis post,coz have good content to learn