Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tool to design and configure networks

Businesses rely on their network infrastructure to connect their employees together, connect them to other businesses, and more generally, connect them to the Internet. Networks have grown more intelligent and more complex and users have become more technology savvy. Network devices have become a commodity, supporting increasing functionality. Users expect more.

Lucipa believes that with the right tools, the task of configuring a network can be largely automated and streamlined. Lucipa's software, SpiderWeb, will generate the required configuration of devices based on industry best practices.

SpiderWeb solves the problems of configuring increasingly complex features in networks; it can create compliant configurations by providing a user intuitive software. SpiderWeb allows engineers to create a diagram of a network, assign common parameters to all devices, input device specific parameters, and get the configurations of all devices in the network.

Spend less time creating configurations and spend more time with your customers

You can design the network, create reports, and create all the configurations before starting implementation. SpiderWeb helps during the planning phase, design, phase, and implementation phase. Actually, companies can perform these steps 5 to 10 times faster than when using manual methods.

The system produces the web reports, policies and having a very good expert system.

Sources:- Lucipa Website

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