Sunday, March 7, 2010

IPv6 Internet In VRF Over MPLS

In the previous post, I have used 6PE concept to access the IPv6 Internet over IPv4 MPLS VPN cloud through global routing table. But this post is little bit different from the previous one. In this post, I will be using IPv6 Internet VRF to serve the IPv6 internet over IPv4 MPLS cloud. The main advantage of using this model is that the entire IPv6 internet route will be a part of vrf but in IPv6 from MPLS post entire ipv6 traffic was a part of global route table. Provisioning of serving IPv6 internet will remain same as it happens in IPv4. For IPv4 internet provisioning in vrf please refer to post Provisioning Internet with Internet VRF. The only difference is that in IPv6 we need to use the address family VPNv6 and IPv6. Given depicted images shows the graphical flow of serving IPv6 internet in VRF over IPv4 MPLS cloud.

Figure 1 is depicted about the default route announcement in IPv6 Internet VRF and the same route is being forwarded by label 100 to the remote PE.

Figure 1

Figure 2 is depicting about the CPE IPv6 prefixes in IPv6 Internet VRF with label 200.
Figure 2

Figure 3 is depicting about the forwarding traffic in IPv6 Internet VRF from CPE to PE.
Figure 3

Figure 4 is depicting about the reverse traffic from IPv6 Internet cloud to IPv6 Internet VRF.

Figure 4

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Anonymous said...


Any chance you have some running configs or something similar?

I'm asking because I want to create a similar lab using dynamips but I'm a bit stuck atm

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please check

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