Sunday, May 2, 2010

Virtualization On Windows Host

Now days, I am working on ASN gateway products and for simulation and testing purpose I require linux machine. But being addicted to windows, I am afraid to use linux machines separately. Another problem is to carry two different machines one for windows and another for linux. So finally I decided to go with linux machine on windows platform by using virtual machine concept on windows. I found a good article of using different on type of virtual machine on windows platform. Website has illustrated good article of creating virtual machines by using different software. The main advantage of using VM is to utilize the computer resources at its best. By using virtualization one can create multiple machines in few minutes and connect those machines virtually. It seems like that you are working on physical environment with different machines but in real all are present in same computer. The another advantage of using VM is that you can install windows machines, linux machines, mac machines and test the interoperability with each other. The installation process is very easy and same like as we do copy in windows. If you want to create a new machine of same existing OS, simply copy and paste the image file in new machine. For installation please refer to webworld article “how to use virtualization software when working on windows host”.

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