Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wimax Architecture

Wimax is fully ip network which gives the last mile users to access internet at high speed. Wimax architecture consists of the following components:-
1. MS(Mobile Subscriber) or SS(Subscriber Station)
2. ASN (Access Service Network)
3. CSN (Core or connectivity Service Network)
MS or SS are used by the users to connect the VPN or Internet by using air interface. All the MS or SS connects to the BS(Base Station) and BS further connects to the ASN-Gty.
ASN network consists of Base Stations and ASN-Gty(Access Service Network Gateway). BS are responsible for providing air interface to mobile subscribers to connect VPN or Internet. Apart from this BS manages the subscribers QOS policy enforcements, traffic classification, session managements and handovers during roaming.

ASN-Gty works as LNS(Layer 2 Network Server) server which aggregates all the layer 2 traffic and provides the connectivity to internet. A part from this it manages QOS profiles, keys management, radius client, mobility tunnels with base stations for roaming users. Allocates profile as Simple and Mobile ip communication for SS or MS and becomes foreign agent for them.

CNS consists of AAA, HA, VHR, OSS. It connects to the internet gateway to route the traffic in case of data network. If MS looks for voip calls in that case it also provides the connectivity to PSTN network.

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