Friday, October 29, 2010

3G Life

3G is one of the best way to connect human network. For me 3G will open the doors to connect me swiftly over remote and reach anywhere in the world with no delays. It is not only opening doors towards the bandwidth but also giving new opportunities to vendors. By using 3G, one can surf fastly and by subscribing skype or gtalk, drastically reduce the phone bills.

Business Boost By 3G
I am feeling personally, 3G will drastically boost our house business. If all our clients would have 3G, then we can present the realtime demo of any of the product live. Earlier it is not like that.

Stay In Touch
Most of time I keep on travelling, by using 3G anytime I can see my friends and family members without any constraints.

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Unknown said...

Nice post. I was trying to create a post on 3G Life on my site too. See this here -

Let me know if it's good.

Manjunath said...

yes though 3G cannot change everything at once... in india it takes decent amount of time for a 3G life...

Pass said...

Another good post....will be back for more!