Thursday, December 9, 2010

Qos Interview Questions?

1. What is QOS and why it is required?
2. What is layer2 qos and layer3 qos?
3. What is tail drop?
4. Describe methods of QOS?
5. What is hardware QOS and Software QOS?
6. Difference between a policer and a shaper?
7. What is token bucket algorithm?
8. Where to define the markings?
9. Does QOS increase the load of the equipment?
10. What is TOS and IP DSCP?
11. what are the different classes available?
12. How to calculate the decimal value of classess?
13. What is the difference between priority and bandwidth command?
14. What is low latecy queueing?
15. what is class based weighted fair queuing?
16. What is first in first out queue (FIFO)?
17. What is fair queue?
18. If I give teh ip precendence five to data traffic, what will happen?

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