Sunday, April 3, 2011

APNIC IPv4 Exhaustion Information

APNIC delegates addressed the IPV4 exhaustion and trying to pass the message now we should move towards the era of IPv6. Read full story

APNIC IPv4 Exhaustion Timeline?

Due to a large number of variables, the timeline for APNIC IPv4
exhaustion is not predictable with any assured accuracy. However, it is
the APNIC Secretariat's role to make as much information as possible
available to all stakeholders, so they may make their own assessments.

You can view the current APNIC IPv4 address pool, which is updated

Deploy IPv6 Now

If you are an APNIC Member, you can start your IPv6 deployment process
today with the APNIC Kickstart IPv6 program.

APNIC actively supports IPv6 deployment in the following ways:

- APNIC services and website are accessible over IPv6
- IPv6 addresses are readily available to Members
- APNIC provides IPv6 training courses
- IPv6 liaison services
- Regional IPv6 awareness initiatives

For more information click here to read how APNIC can assist you to deploy IPv6.

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