Monday, November 21, 2011

What is MPLS-TP (Transport Profile)

I have been hearing about MPLS-TP since long but now the time has come to implement MPLS-TP to the access network. The question arises why only in the access network not in the core? The reason for this is that most of the service providers has already built up the MPLS core and not it's time to move towards the access network with MPLS capabilities.
But what does fascinate service providers to adopt MPLS-TP? Legacy SDH network is used to built as transport network. Being costly solution, all the service providers are looking an alternate solution; must be same as of SDH but have the capacity of Ethernet.
MPLS-TP (Transport Profile) is set of protocols which doesn't use any control plane and is defined under IETF. But G-MPLS could be used for the dynamic allocation of labels. MPLS-TP doesn't offer Penultimate Hop Popping and ECMP.

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