Sunday, February 12, 2012

MEF: Benefits of Multiple Class Of Service Model For Mobile Backhauls

According to all wireless operators, delivering the bandwidth required in the 4G-LTE wireless backhaul is “the single biggest challenge and operating cost in the industry.” Currently a single class of service model is being deployed by the mobile operators at aggregation side where the traffic is classified and there after all the traffic is forwarded to a single EVC without defining the priority. Single-CoS scenario, however, does NOT respect these differing priorities which means at any point of time access provider cannot use the stat multiplexing.
To address the issue, a new multiple CoS model is added for the access providers. The configuration of the Mobile Operator CE devices is similar to that for the Single CoS Ethernet Mobile Backhaul alternative. The primary added configuration is ensuring that each Frame it passes to the Access provider is marked with the appropriate priority for that Frame. It does so by marking the Priority Code Point (PCP) bits in the Frame.

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