Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BGP Redistribution Vs MPLS

If someone asks you to select between BGP Redistribution in IGP Vs MPLS, which one you would like to opt. In layman's terms both are different and has nothing to do with each other. But as per MPLS Advantages, MPLS is used to reduce the number of routes from the core. But those routes are VPNv4 routes(MP-IBGP) not the iBGP redistributed routes.

It is not mandatory that MPLS is only required for VPNs. MPLS can be used for normal routing also where a enterprise customer is having some external routes and not willing to propagate those routes in the core of network.

Below is the topology used for simulation:-

The above topology is used in BGP Synchronization Rule post and end to end IP Prefixes are reachable via redistribution. But the same can be achieved by using MPLS in the network. If MPLS is implemented end to end, there is no requirement of redistribution which saves lot of money of customer.

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