Saturday, December 9, 2017

What is Data Pre-Processing In Machine Learning?

Data Pre-Processing means adding some type of mathematical operation without losing the content of the data. Let’s take example, we want to do the dimensionality reduction so that we can visualize the data more efficiently in 2D graph. It means we need to have some kind of pre-processing of on same data so that we can drop some data without losing it’s actual meaning. Let’s take another example from the previous post and get deeper understanding of data pre-processing. Below is the matrix or dataset which has price of pizza in INR which is fully dependent on it’s size. In India, the price is in INR, but for United States it will be Dollars and for Dubai it must be in Dirham. For size in India it is in inches, but in United States it might be in Centimeters. But if we are developing some kind of relation in that case we can pre-process the data and fit everything between 0 to 1. By doing this, our dependency on INR, Dollars and Inches is completely gone off.

In this case, we can take the maximum and minimum value of every column and apply the below formula on the existing data. By doing this we get the new form of data whose values will be lying between 0 and 1 without losing its actual importance.

New Pre-Process data will look alike below

The advantage of pre-processing of data is that now we can fit anything between 0 and 1 which means unit square. Below is the comparison of before pre-processing and after pre-processing of that, now we can have good visibility and everything is well fitted in unit square.

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