Sunday, February 17, 2019

What is Polynimbus Strategy?

IT is the backbone of any organization. To keep the backbone strong, IT managers must make sure whatever the services are being offered to IT users must have high redundancy, high availability and faster time to access it.

A private cloud describes an environment built and operated by a single enterprise for its internal use. These offerings are specifically designed for the different units in the organization with high capex and opex. The biggest disadvantage of the private cloud offering is to maintain the complete life cycle management by the IT team.

IT organizations understood that if they to reduce the cost per bit of the IT infrastructure in that case private cloud would not be the best choice, they must have to opt for public cloud. A public cloud describes a cloud computing offering that can be accessed by the IT users over the internet. It is like you are accessing your google account from anywhere in the world. Examples of public clouds include Microsoft Cloud Services (such as Microsoft Azure or Office 365), Salesforce, Dropbox, and Amazon AWS.

Now the questions comes, when to use public and private cloud. The strategy is up to the IT organizations, they can deploy high load and non-security critical applications over the public cloud and rest all in private cloud.

What is the challenge? Why IT Organizations are not opting for private and public cloud offerings?
Managing both private and public cloud as silos is the biggest challenge. The initial cost of public is too low but when it is being used by most of the IT users in that case metering is the biggest challenge to manage. It’s becoming difficult to keep and eye on the usage of the cloud. Secondly, at same time, the same public offering is being offered by other public cloud providers also. So, does it mean, now we have to shift all the workloads on the other public cloud and till the time migration will complete the new other new cloud provider will reduce it’s cloud offering price. So, what’s the solution of this never-ending story?

“Polynimbus” is the solution of the above-mentioned never-ending story. The term “Polynimbus” refer to a “Multi-Cloud” strategy of adopting multiple cloud providers was first used by John Adams in 2016 while he was working as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Opsgility.

Polynimbus aka muticloud, a cloud computing platform used by single IT organization to manage multiple public and private cloud from single console. The multicloud brings the below mentioned benefits:-
1. Faster Time To Market
2. Single Console to Manage all the public and private cloud offering
3. De-Centralized Architecture in terms of high availability of applications
4. Opt best and breed of the different cloud offerings as per the requirements
5. Get Rid Off Single Cloud Provider

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