Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 1: Cisco Virtual Summit

Yesterday cisco started virtual summit on topic "You & Cisco:Succeeding with Managed Services" approx 167 people joined the conference across the globe. The main agenda of the conference was to launch the managed services. Cisco named it Cisco Powered Program. The defination of Cisco Powered Program states that they will dive into the market with their partners to provide manage services to the customers.It serves members in all aspects of the service lifecycle from launcing a service to market and sell it at last.Cisco’s expertise in creating network-based services, as well as the strong Cisco brand and its reputation among businesses, to launch and sell sophisticated and differentiated new services.
The virtual summit is Efficacious way to deliver conference across the globe which feels like the same you are sitting in fromt of the speaker. I think they are using telepresence for the same. It was a good experience and you should join it once.

shivlu jain

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