Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weird Issue With 12.2 (31)SB13 Series

Since now it is assumed that SB series is one of the trusted series for service provider network. But as per my experience this is one of the series which is having only 56 number of bugs in cisco site but actually is affected with those problem which one cannot think about. I am along with my colleages working on to the same and hopefully with in a day or two come up with the new issues.

Currently it is affected with mdt bug.

Workaround:- Simply remove the mdt configuration from vrf and add it again.

How to check:- Use the command "show ip pim mdt"

shivlu jain

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Darren Cooper said...

what is the mdt bug in 12.2(31)SB13 please?

Shivlu Jain said...

on relaoding the router mdt sessions are not automatically activated. Some times it got activated automatically.

shivlu jain