Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weird Issue With 12.2 (31)SB13 Series:Internet VRF Leaking

In my last post (12.2 31 SB13 Internet VRF Issue) I talked about the SB series which was creating problem in term of route leaking in global table from anotehr vrf. I have tested the scenario in which if you are having default route and customer vrf on the same pe and that default route is being used by internet vrf in this case the tarffic stops flowing. I have checked the cisco bug tool to fectch the information but did not find any relevant bug which can show this. So next time if you will upgrade your router to 12.2(31)SB13 series then care should be taken if you are serving internet customers from internet vrf.

Workarounds:- Try to shift the default route along with vrf to another router so that customers can run smootly.

shivlu jain

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