Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Configuring Layer 2 MPLS VPN

Layer 2 vpn is being used by many of service providers. It can be configure in two ways, one way to use l2 vpn over ip cloud with the help of l2tpv3 and another way is to use over mpls backbone by using encapsulation mpls. In this document I will be covering how to configure l2 mpls vpn over service provider cloud.

Before moving ahead penultimate hop popping concept should be cleared.

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shivlu jain

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Amarjit Singh said...

Mast hai vai.. majaa aa gya

Monika Thakur said...

Thankx for th post sir..its vy informative...


first thanks for this post and ofcourse for your all effort in this valuable blog

and i have some notes or explanations if you don't mind


directly above table4

you mentioned
Table 2 depicts that l2 session is established with peer against VCID 100
i think yu mean TABLE3 not 2

and you mentioned
The label can be different also

i can't understand this you mean the vc labels can be different
if yes how the packets will forward

again thanks a lot
and i hope i'll be a follower of you posts because you make it easy to understand

shivlu jain said...

Really thanks for reading the document. You are abso right the table number should be three. Regarding second query about labels are different mean that in case case the local and remote labels are showing 19 so it could be different from 16 to 100000.


thanks for your reply

Anonymous said...

I am doing a final year project on mpls layer 2 VPN but I need your advice as the Uni I am in has no 7600 series router with even SIP card. Would any lower series router do the job I am willing to carry out?
Best regards

shivlu jain said...

You can test the point to point layer vpn but point to multipoint is not possible in cisco without 7600+SIP/SPA card. For point to point l2 vpn please use the GNS software and the soft is open source based and easy to install on linux as well as on windows.

emptywords said...

thanks a lot man ;)
Could you pls verify it seems the pdf file is not reachable?

shivlu jain said...

its working....

Anonymous said...

ffxiv gil

Quintin T. said...

Thank you very much for sharing information about the second layer of MPLS VPN.

chicago colocation said...

It improves the forwarding speed of routers and now emerge as a standard technology that is capable for large scale IP networks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for VPN configuration.