Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IP Sec Is So Demanded

Most of companies requires IP Sec VPN for to access devices securly over the untrusted network. Why IP Sec VPN has received lot of love from the corporates companies, SMB companies and MNC. The main advantage of using IP Sec vpn is that it maintains the Data Confidentiality, Data Integrity and Message Authentication.

Data Confidentiality:- It ensures that the both sender and receiver will able to receive the original messages. Everytime user sends the data in plain text but with the help of some algorithms the format of data is changed which is aka cipher text or encrypted text. The whole mechanism depends on the exchange of keys between sender and receiver.

Data Integrity:- Digital signatures and unique keys protect the integrity of data over untrusted network.

Message Authentication:- Message authentication means that the message will be sent to the bonafied user.

These all features make IP Sec VPN unique from the traditional methods of exchanging information.

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