Sunday, June 27, 2010

RSVP Tunnels are up but all traffic forwarding is stopped

I found one weird issue during my testing lab where in end to end RSVP-TE was configured and all the customer traffic forwarding was done on those tunnels. But suddenly I found that the traffic started drop but the tunnels were up. Then after deep analysis of FIB and LFIB, I found that the one of the node was advertising label for RSVP TE but the next node was not able to receive that label. After refreshing the labels, everything started work.
Now the question comes, if some of the node start misbehaving with label, in that case my path and resv messages should get dropped or not. I am not sure about it.
But the given post helped me lot to find the RCA.
Missing labels can forward labels somewhere else
How to troubleshoot MPLS VPN?
When and where PHP happens?

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