Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IPv6 Tutorial

Till now I have published various IPv6 tutorials on MPLS cloud. Those IPv6 tutorials tell about how to connect IPv6 sites overs MPLS cloud. Given is the list of the IPv6 MPLS Tutorials:-
1. IPv6 From MPLS
2. IPv6 Addressing Architecture For Service Providers
3. IPv6 Internet In VRF Over MPLS Cloud
4. IPv6 Internet in VRF Over IPv4 MPLS Cloud
5. Troubleshooting Command Difference Between VPNv4 and VPNv6

But I have not posted any good material on the basics of IPv6. I am planning to post some good tutorials of IPv6 subnetting. But in this post I am adding one of the IPv6 videos which clears all about the IPv6 w.r.t design and implementation.

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Rakesh said...

There is a new type of terminology coming these days for ipv6 over ipv4 and ipv4 over ipv6 (dslite and 6rd).


Rakesh said...

Have you tried ipv6 level fragmentation over tcp with cat6500.

I tried alot and I got failed, somehow path mtu discovery is blocking me to do so.

over upd i can easily simulate the same thing.
Please let me know by chance you try and get any success.