Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Online CCNA - OSPF Labs

This post is fully dedicated to CCNA beginners who want to learn but don't want to install GNS3. This is the online practice lab where students can access the online simulator and practice for their CCNA labs.
Online OSPF Labs
1. Simulator for single ospf area
2. Simulator for single ospf area 2
3. OSPF NBMA Part - 1
4. OSPF NBMA Part - 2
5. OSPF Multi Access
6. OSPF Stub Area
7. OSPF Total Stub Area
8. Not So Stubby Area
9. Virtual Link Part 1
10. Virtual Link Part 2

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Anonymous said...

Thnaks a lot for such useful info. Kindly provide u r e mail id from TULIP

shivlu jain said...

I have already left tulip.