Sunday, May 10, 2020

Machine Learning For New Comers

Sharing collection of machine learning algorithms which can be used by anyone. The algorithms are very good for new comers who are willing to learn machine learning without having any prior knowledge. I have used SCIKIT Learn library in python to write the basic code

What is machine learning?

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

All About Machine Learning Algorithms: When To Use Which Machine Learning Algorithm

What is neuron and artificial neuron in deep learning?

What is Perceptron in Deep Learning?

Loading First Data Set In Machine Learning

Predicting Values By Using k-nearest Neighbors Machine Learning Algorithm

Predict Prices By Using Linear Regression Algorithm In Machine Learning

Predict Probability By Using Logistic Regression In Machine Learning

When To Use Softmax Activation Algorithm In Deep Learning

Architecture Of Predicting Hand Written Digits

What is Data Pre-Processing In Machine Learning?

Rectified Linear Unit Activation Function In Deep Learning

Neural Network Mathematics

Understanding Back propagation In Neural Networks

Machine Learning Use Cases in Networking

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