Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Use TOS For QOS Testing

QOS is one of the screwing topics in CCIE and in lab after QOS configuration, every classmap,policymap need to be checked. During that time, one tool helped a lot that is extended ping. In extended ping, we have TOS byte, which is used to mark the packets according to us. Lets check how to acheive this.
e.g Traffic of DSCP value 46 need to be checked with ping. First need to convert the 46 into binary then append 00 in LSB. There after get the decimal of the whole binary number and use it in extended ping when it ask for the TOS. Binary of 46 is 101110. Now append 00 so the new binary number would be 10111000. Get the decimal of number which would be 184. Use 184 in TOS and see the marking of 46 where that policy is called.

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Unknown said...

It is really gr8 post.
If u can show that how u have perform that task than it will be really helpful.


Shivlu Jain said...

It is already in the post. Anyhow I know TOS is of 8 bits and DSCP is of 6 bits, once dscp value is calculated in binary and by add "00" in the LSB, I actually make it TOS (8 Bits are completed). Then get the decimal of 8 bits of TOS and same is used as input.

shivlu jain

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot.
Also shivlu i have sended a invitation of chat on gmail. I am going for my ccie Sp lab on dec 21st. If i have any doubt than i can ask you. Please help me..