Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Troubleshooting Layer 2 VPN

After long vacation, I continue with l2vpn series. In this post I would like to share about the disconnection of label switch path but xconnect session never terminates. The sesion establish because of ip reachability not of ldp. So if the ldp is broken anywhere in the path , it won't terminates the xconnect connection but the main problem is hpw to troubleshoot. The troubleshooting of the same is very easy with the help of ping mpls pseudosire . If the path is mpls enabled you would definately receive the ping acknowledgement else it will be dropped.

shivlu jain

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Zealot said...


Could you please comment more on this issue. I was getting some similar problem with xconnect showing up/up, but the traffic was unable to pass through. I rectified the problem by bouncing the interfaces.

Another issue is that I am getting frequent LSP termination and restoration in the logs e.g.

002037: Apr 30 14:14:45.547 PST: %MPLS_TE-5-LSP: LSP 9081_1665: DOW

002060: Apr 30 14:19:37.655 PST: %MPLS_TE-5-LSP: LSP 9081_1702: UP

any idea or reference would be greatly appreciated.