Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MPLS TE With Three Labels

We always talk about three labels in MPLS but honestly have never ever seen three labels before this post. Three labels usually not seen in a single service provider domain, routers always have two label stack one for VPNv4 and another is for IGP. But in MPLS TE, we have three label stack and definitely it will lead to problems in case of Fast Ethernet because MTU size will be going to change. But if the core is having Gigabyte Ethernet interfaces then no one will screw the happiness of the network. As described in my previous post, everything is same except the termination of the head end tunnel. Previously it was on Mumbai 1 now it is on Mumbai 2. But the vrf which need to be communicated is at Mumbai 1 router. So simply I was terminating the tunnel one hop previous to the egress router.
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